Leo Coppeta

Investment Advisor Representative

Mobile: (203) 641-7929

Work: (415) 968-4312

Email: leo.coppeta@lpl.com



Originally from East Coast and growing up in Connecticut.  I was always fascinated by money. At the early age of twelve I caddied at the local golf course and bused tables on the weekends. I appreciated and respected the value of  an honest earned dollar and learned how to save (motivated by red Camaro) to reach my goals.

Immediately after graduating from Franklin Pierce University in 1989 I began my career as a stock broker at a Wall Street based firm. Within a few years I decided that being an independent Advisor was the way business should be done. Free from proprietary products and constant pressure to "sell" investment du jour -  LPL Financial allowed me to be an independent contractor. This empowered me to guide and advise my own clientele with an unbiased approach.

Being in the financial services business for almost 30 years I have navigated many a recession and "bubbles". The best aspect of my life long career is helping and actually watching my clients use the money saved in investments to pay for college, weddings and retiring on the income from investments we set up long ago.

A very wise Professor in a philosophy class I took reminded us; "When your vocation and your avocation are the same - you have met your bliss".  I invite you to come talk with me. Let me help you save for your goals and preserve what you already have.